With the power of quick quote inquiry webpages, you can now offer quote inquiries on your website in seconds. 

It’s self-evident that providing a virtual quote option is vastly superior and more time-efficient than playing phone or email tag with a potential client. 

Here are three solid reasons why you should get an online estimate inquiry webpage to provide your customers with an easy way to provide you with all the information you need to give a quote.

1) Provide Instant Gratification to Your Prospects 

There is cutthroat competition for leads online. If a prospect stumbles upon your site and doesn’t feel they can get a complete quote quickly, they’ll likely look for alternatives. With Estimate.net the customer provides you with all the information + has the ability to add pictures so they can get a quote from you as quickly as possible.

Don’t lose the opportunity to obtain more customers, provide them with options that are of the utmost convenience.

2)  Provide Your Prospects with a Virtual Option 

Due to COVID, many people are hesitant to let others into their homes. With our service, they have the option for a fully virtual experience. They can provide written details about the project as well as attach pictures, so you’re able to potentially give them a quote based entirely on information that was gathered virtually.

This saves time & money by not having to make the trip out to prospective customers only to learn that they decided to go with someone else. Reach them quickly by having all the information ready at your hands to offer them a quote. Maybe even provide them an incentive discount if they obtain their quote virtually!

3) You Are Available 24/7

Offering online quote inquiry services directly on your website gives consumers the chance to see what you offer, how you can help them, and most importantly it starts the sales process immediately. It saves valued time and resources that you can allocate to building and maintaining relationships.

Having an automatic, built-in, quick online quote inquiry service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is going to give your business the best chance at obtaining more sales.  

Are you ready to meet the current needs of prospective clients and start utilizing the benefits of quick online QR Code services? If so, Estimate.net quote services offer these three benefits above and more. 

Start creating your Estimate.net webpage today and give your customer a convenient and contactless quote inquiry experience.