Using an online estimate webpage or quote service is the most time-saving and
cost effective way of generating genuine interest among your customers,
resulting in increased sales.

Due to the safety concerns raised by COVID, people prefer contactless
communication and virtual options take priority. As a result, businesses have also
shifted towards conducting sales online. By offering your existing and potential
customers an online estimate webpage , you ensure that they have easy access to
the information they need in order to move forward with a sale.
Providing an online estimate webpage service can be hugely beneficial to the way
you run your business effectively. Here are the top reasons why:

Complete Transparency with Your Customer

Most business owners are aware of the fact that it’s crucial to outline the budget
and scope of work before taking on any project. It becomes all the more
important, when it involves a project with a lot of working parts, such as with
auto body repair or roofing services that will take a considerable amount of time.
With a complete estimate, you ensure both you and the customer share the
understanding of the job at hand, what’s covered, and how much it’ll cost, etc.

Honest & Open Communication with Potential Customers

When you provide your potential customers an accurate quote for the services
they can decide if your quote is out of their price range or meets their budget.
Moreover, providing online quotes establishes a relationship with potential
customers and shows them that you are honest and upfront.

Want to make providing quotes easier? Use to build your online
estimate webpage and choose a ready to go service-specific estimate web page.
Allow your customers to start requesting estimates online today!